Professional Services

Innovation Management

  • Articulating ideas and recommendations to refresh and renew company activities to improve competitiveness and profitability.
  • Supervising the execution of the process in terms of technology, the product, service, and business development.
  • Identifying and examining innovative technologies that can contribute to the company’s relative advantage, the addition of new products and improved and more profitable services, and strengthen the company brand as an innovator, a green oriented and an entity committed to the community and society.
  • Examining the technological alternatives that can be implemented, while examining the market, the competition, the schedule, and the budget to ensure they match the company’s strategy.

    The process is undertaken with concurrent identification of technologies and processes from diverse branches of industry and commerce and examinations of collaborative options and new and emerging markets in Israel and abroad.

Investments in Tech Companies

  • Assessing technologies before raising capital and supervising steps taken to upgrade investment value.
  • Supporting investors ain decision-making processes in terms of a technology’s innovation, intellectual property, and the potential for scaling up development processes from the lab to manufacturing for target markets.
  • Identifying advanced technologies for investment in Israel and abroad and supervising negotiation processes.

All consultation is supported by many years of familiarity with technological development trends in the field of chemistry and materials, nanotechnology, green industries, agrotech, and foodtech.

Dr. Dov Reichman is a member in several investment groups and has himself invested in several startups that were subsequently sold to large tech firms.

Consideration is given to an assessment of a company’s value, an assessment of its patents and organiational knowhow, the feasibility of continued technological development and the roadmap to target worldwide markets to realize the investment.

Business Plan and Strategy

  • Articulating business plans and xamining business channels.
  • Analyzing market aspects, differentiation, competitiveness, budget, and roadmap.
  • Assessing a startup’s feasibility at its various stages.
  • Building an initial business plan with startup entrepreneurs right from the idea stage.
  • Gathering data about the market and the competition; preparing marketing materials for potential investors; submitting requests for government financing.
  • Articulating and adapting business strategy with executives at established companies and executives at early-stage projects.

Licensing of patents and Knowhow

  • Examining the potential for commercial applications of technologies and patent licensing and supporting negotiating processes.
  • Experience with channels of knowhow in the academy in Israel and abroad and commercialization with international corporations.

Dr. Reichman possesses vast experience in the commercialization processes of technologies and patent licensing and the development of fruitful business interfaces between the academy and industry, including the management of a company’s intellectual property strategy.

He provides support for in-licensing and out-licensing processes between companies and between inventors and industrial companies, support for processes of patent licensing and sub-licensing and support for agreements and negotiation.

Mentoring for Executives and Entrepreneurs

  • Supporting entrepreneurs and executives in decision-making processes in business and technological fields.
  • Formulating a personally adapted plan for processes of entrepreneurship, change, and career development.

Dr. Reichman mentors entrepreneurs and executives and helps them achieve business success on the basis of a joint articulation of goals.

The mentoring process is based on his many years of experience in working with startups, as CEO, a partner in business initiatives and board member of tech companies.

Lecturer and Board Member

  • Lectures in Israel and worldwide on innovation, advanced technology and creative thinking.
  • Board member of startups and industrial companies and member of advisory committees and Investments forums.

Dr. Dov Reichman lectures in diverse settings in Israel and abroad, generally on topics related to innovation, entrepreneurship, advanced technology, high-tech, and startups.

He also oversees training sessions and enrichment workshops for members of the business community seeking to gain greater knowledge of advanced technologies.

Among the places he has lectured are: the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Program at the School of Business Administration, the Hebrew University; a course in entrepreneurship and business administration at the Facultry of Agriculture; business delegations from abroad; the Foreign Ministry; the Defense Ministry; and the Prime Minister’s Office.

He lectures to high-tech companies at the Center for Global Innovation, innovations centers, incubators, and starup accelerators.

He has also lectured to the Samsung R&D Center, Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Dov Reichman serves as a board member of several public and private companies.

He is a graduate of courses and training programs for board members and has taken continuing education courses in financial accountancy for executives.